Data-driven UX
to boost the growth of your app, SaaS
or platform

We provide UX/UI strategy, research and design to help you understand what your users want and turn it into winning products or features.

Winning products

One of our apps has been featured in
the top #3 Google Play Store

Higher conversion

UX is more than jut design. It’s high business value. We help get that value.

Higher retention

We understand what user care for and
we give them a reason to come back.

Some of our


How we create products loved by your user

UX Research

To understand what your customers truly want we start from them. We perform qualitative and quantitative research to identify their needs.

UX Design

We create mockups and prototypes to test ideas fast. This way we collect immediate feedback from users.

Interface & Usability

Once the solution is validated we make it beautiful and easy to use with top-notch UI design. We like simple and clean design.


We're obsessed with continuously learn from users. We A/B test and ask feedback directly from users to build products they love to use.


Founders, CXOs, Heads of and Product Owners like you

Max Voss
Founder & CTO | Careerfairy

Federico from DA has amazing expertise in UX/UI topics that are improving us on a daily basis. Thanks to him and his colleagues, we know our own strength and weaknesses better, we understand where we need to improve and how we can help our users even more in the future.

Dan de Jong
Head of Product | Plexxo

No one like Design Accelerator is able to understand what users really want. He’s helped us redesign our product based on users insight. Being a startup ourselves, it’s great to have someone you can count on, from strategy to execution.

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